The Project

The idea behind "IWO" is to connect people around the world.
The German word for anywhere or everywhere is 'irgendwo'. Living in the era of digitalization, young people shortened the word to 'iwo' in text messages.

The Product

The aim of IWO is to connect people from all around the world, giving them the opportunity to have insights in foreign cultures.
To realize this goal we are developing a website.


Get in touch with locals and discover new cultures.


Master any language by speaking with native speakers.


Explore cities besides from typical tourist spots.

The Team

Sarah Ferdan

Scrum Master

Sarah is responsible to maintain project processes and codes backend functions.

Angela Amacna

Product Owner

Angela keeps an eye on our big picture and is the great mind behind our Corporate Identity.

Basem Hamid


Basem is our designated appointee to keep your data safe.

Clemens Hohensinner


Clemens ensures our project is delivered correctly to you and builds the front end.

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